National Youth Development Program

The development of sport cannot be complete without an understanding of the role of youths in the total process. This is so because the potential of sport as a vehicle for national cohesion and development cannot be over emphasized. In Oman, we are blessed with talented youths in the field of sport; however, these youths require a comprehensive sport development program that will enable them to develop their God-given potentials to the fullest.

Oman Cricket, as part of its ongoing endeavor to develop the game of Cricket at the grass root levels, has formed a National Youth Development Team (NYDT) consisting of Omani nationals and expatriate youth playing the game of Cricket. In order to give them exposure at the highest level, the team will play in the ‘A’ division of the Oman Cricket Domestic tournament. In all, the team will consist of 25 players, with a majority of Omani youth players.

“The aim of forming this team is to develop the game at the grass root level and introduce the game to youngsters in Oman, in the schools and institutes, with the target of having a representation at the international level by the youth, as is the case in most Cricket playing nations” said Duleep Mendis, Chief Development Officer at Oman Cricket who will guide the team and officials. He also added that “though the team may not be performing very well in the current season because of their inexperience, they are expected to be team to reckon with in the seasons to come”.

Oman Cricket’s National Youth Development Program was honored with the ‘Overall Cricket Development’ prestigious award (2014-2015) from the Asian Cricket Council and nominated for the same category by the International Cricket Council award ceremony.

The NYDT squad is managed by an Omani Manager. All players and staff are individually contracted and paid by Oman Cricket and sponsored for all clothing, equipment and travel.

NYDT Squad 2016-17

Waleed Abdul Majeed Mohammed Al Balushi
Shuaib Ismail Mohammed Al Balushi
Haitham Hussain Doshambeh Al Balushi
Wasim Ismail Mohamed Al Balushi
Mohamed Ali Akbar Mohamed Al Balushi
Samir Othman Mahmood Al Balushi
Yousuf Abdulrahim Mahmood Al Balushi
Mohammed Othman Mahmood Al Balushi
Syed Muntazir Mehdi Zaidi
Madushanka Lakshan
Syed Taha Hassan Naqvi
Paritosh Hitesh Kumar Bhatt
Jaspreet Singh Gurmail
Issa Abdulrahim Mahmood Al Balushi
Zafar Ullah Ghulam Qadir Ali Mohamed
Faraz Ismail Mohammed Al Balushi
Indunil Udara
Majid Hussein Doshambeh Al Balushi

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