Lord’s – ‘The Home of Cricket’

Lord’s Cricket Ground, established in 1814, is currently located at St John’s Wood in London. The ‘Home of Cricket’ is owned by the world’s biggest cricket brand, the Marylebone Cricket Club, which also owns the copyright to the Laws of Cricket. It is the MCC which makes changes to, or updates the rules of cricket.

 As well as being the ‘home to Cricket’, Lord’s is also the home ground to the England and Wales Cricket Board, the Middlesex Country Cricket Club and was the old head quarters of the ICC till 2005. The move came after a request to the British Government to make an exception for the ICC to not pay corporation tax was denied.

Every stadium in the world doesn’t have the nostalgia and the ‘gentleman’ feeling which is associated with Lord’s. From the history to the dress code and the structural amazement makes Lords the home of cricket.

In addition to this, it is also home to the World’s oldest sporting museum – The MCC Museum, which has one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of books and publications and memorabilia dedicated to cricket including The Ashes which reside there permanently.

5 Facts about Lord’s 

  1. The team dressing rooms are adorned with honor boards which mark every century made in a Test match on the grounds, and all instances of a bowler taking five wickets in a Test innings, and 10 wickets in a Test match.

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  1. Graham Gooch scored 333 runs against India in 1990 – holds the highest individual score by a batsman. Glen McGrath also holds the record for most wickets (26) captured on the ground by a non-Englishman.
  1. Lord’s is most famous for having a sloping outfield. The south-west side of the ground stands almost two and a half meters lower than the north-west side, causing considerable deviation to the ball when bowling.

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  1. The first test match played at Lord’s was between England and Australia in 1884, where the home side beat the Aussies by an innings and five runs.
  1. The longest running cricket fixture at Lord’s is the annual match between Eton College and Harrow School. This great sporting schoolboy rivalry started in 1805.


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Source: https://www.lords.org/

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