The Best Bowling Combination in Test Cricket

McGrath and Warne (Australia)

They formed the ultimate bowling combination and were one of the main reasons why Australia was invincible for so many years. Being a fast bowler and a spinner, they had both aspects covered to be effective anywhere.

  • They played 104 Test matches together and took 488 + 513 = 1001 wickets! The only bowling pair to do so.
  • They also had26 and 25 five wicket hauls respectively!
  • They averaged 21.38 and 24.87 with an amazing Strike rate of 50.4 and 55.8.

That means this combination took a wicket every 9 overs while giving away just 23 runs.

The only other such combination to come close to them is Vaas and Muralitharan (309 + 586= 895 wickets).

The factor that worked for the McGrath- Warne combination was that they both made their debut almost simultaneously- Warne 1992 and McGrath 1993 and both retired at the same time after playing their last Test together which ended on 5th Jan, 2007.

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