Sufyan Mehmood – Player Q&A

Oman Cricket caught up with rising star Suyfan Mehmood to give us his thoughts on the team’s meteoric rise and his development since the T20 World Cup.

1. What was your highlight of the WT20?

Our first game against Ireland resulting in our Victory was the highlight of my WT20 journey. Playing in front of a huge crowd and so many cameras for the first time was something new to us but I loved how our boys handled that pressure and won the battle.

2. What was the biggest lesson you learnt from your WT20 experience?

The biggest lesson I learnt was that no matter what, T20 format is all about doing little things(basics) right on the field along with handling pressure well which can eventually win you games against top teams.

3. Who is the most interesting/fun international player you have met? Why?

The most interesting person I have ever met is Shahid Afridi. I met him recently in Doha in an Exhibition game between World XI and Qatar XI, He was the captain of of my team World XI. I found him interesting because he takes his game very seriously but at the same time he makes sure the dressing room atmosphere is light and cool by cracking jokes, So basically he balances his seriousness towards a game and creates a fun environment by backing up his boys. This is not something which every player has in him.

4. How has life changed since becoming an International cricket?

Well it has changed a lot, Our workplaces have started to support us much more now and I am thankful to my company Faitrade LLC. Also people have started to know more about our team in other words that awareness is there about the players in Team Oman and etc.

5. What is the single biggest reason the Oman team has been successful this last 18 months?

Hardwork it is. Boys have really given away everything and it has really paid off.

6. How have the foreign expert coaches enabled your development?

Well foreign coaches have helped us a lot mostly in expanding our skill level and thinking level. Very thankful to them and Oman Cricket for giving us the opportunity to spend time with these experts who shared their vast experience with us.

7. Thoughts and goals on the future of OC (preparation for the challenges ahead)?

Well, I am seeing a bright future as things have really been going in the right direction such as the infrastructure, Domestic Level being stronger and etc. Thankful to Oman Cricket for their efforts in getting things right within such a short time period. This will definitely give us a strong future.

 8. How has the level of Domestic Cricket improved in recent years?

Well it has improved a lot with the introduction of turf wickets, floodlights and Kookaburra balls in the Premier Division. Most importantly more players from India and Pakistan have been bought in by some companies which has helped in improving the standard of Domestic cricket in Oman over the years.

9. What does it mean for you to represent Oman?

Well it is an honor always to represent Oman, whenever you where that jersey you feel that spark in you to perform for your country which has given us so   much. We love Oman and we always make sure our country’s name keeps going very high. Lastly, Thankful to Oman Cricket staff & the board for the support which they have always given.


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