Which Bowler has the Most Aesthetic Action?

For me, a beautiful action implies an action that is smooth, fluid, free flowing and that is what Dale Steyn has. There is something very beautiful and natural about his bowling action.

Steyn who grew up in a small town of Phalaborwa in South Africa was a natural sportsman- active and energetic. He did a lot of skate boarding, long jumps, high jumps, running 100, 200 meters etc. It is that raw quality of his which is reflected in his bowling.


It is characterized by an athletic, supple body at a steaming 19 meter run-up like a predator Cheetah in the wilderness of Africa. His right hand and elastic wrist load up beautifully to snap like a catapult when he is about to release the ball.



All the while his scary eyes are very focused and his veins throbbing as his aerodynamic action culminates to release a swinging ball at extreme pace creating an amazing display that contains emotions yet is graceful in a way.



Backfoot contact

He uses his left arm and the head remains very still. A good wrist ensures the out-swinger is released just the way he wants it.



He hustles through the crease with all the energy going into the delivery.


The Celebration

At the end is the famous “chainsaw” celebration with the fist pump as the predator gets its prey.


Thanks for reading!


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