Top 3 Favorite Moments in International Cricket

Ashes 2005 – Brett Lee and Andrew Flintoff


This was the first time that England had succeeded in winning the Ashes since 1987. Interestingly though, the 2005 Ashes series is remembered more for this moment, arguably one of the greatest in the Ashes and Cricket History.

 Needing 107 runs to win with only 2 wickets in hand, Australia looked like they would capitulate pretty quickly. That didn’t quite happen as the English had to settle for a two run victory. It was a result that could so easily have gone the other way considering that video replays later showed that the final decision to declare Michael Kasprowicz out was, in fact, not correct.

Rather than engaging in the victory celebrations, the immediate reaction of Flintoff to the winning dismissal was to console the despondent batsman, Brett Lee – a gesture which was widely commented upon as indicative of the good sportsmanship and mutual respect between the teams which characterized the series.
Brian Lara – 400*

This was simply spectacular. Doing it once is one thing. But doing it twice; on the same ground, against the same team, that is simply wow! His earlier world record of 375 stood for 9 years until Matthew Hayden broke it in 2003.

Just about a year later, Lara took it back. In spectacular fashion, scoring the first ever individual score of 400 in a test Innings. He has often been criticized for not having done a good enough job as a captain, but there can be no doubt that as a batsman, he has been one of the greatest to have played the game.


Yuvraj Singh – 6 Sixes in a single Over


What stands out most about this over wasn’t just the fact that Yuvraj did the unthinkable, but the fact that he did it with such ferocity that destroyed poor Stuart Broad (the bowler in question).

Only an over ago did Yuvraj have a slight altercation with Andrew Flintoff. You’d see most cricketers responding with verbal volleys. Yuvraj decided to dish it out to the English team in the most spectacular fashion possible. Every six was flawless and was hit with such ease that the outcome of the match was pretty much decided by the end of the over.

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